Behind the scenes snapshot: My family adventures, my photoshoot, my desires

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What an incredible summer we're having here in London.
34 degrees today! I've been working in the garden a lot and pretty much living outdoors most days.

When I am not coaching or working on my business, I am always up to something.
Whether it's a trip to the British Museum with my partner and our kids or a family barbecue, we are a very active family.

One of my core desired feelings this year is Adventure.
So at the weekend I am always on the lookout for exciting things to do as a family.
Our favourite thing to do is to just pack everyone in the car and drive to the coast for a spontaneous week end by the beach.

Today, we are all off for an Ice Skating session after we pick up the kids from school!
Should be refreshing!

We are halfway through the year so I decided to dig out my Desire Map (by Danielle Laporte) to refine my desires and goals for the second half of the year.
My number 1 goal this year is to feel good.
What about you?

I've been sticking Danielle's gorgeous tattoos on my 3-year-old daughter and I to remind ourselves of how awesome we are.

On the business front, I created a gorgeous brand uplevel this month and had the most incredible photoshoot experience with my photographer Becky.
Watch out for the gorgeous new pictures that will be released soon...

I am enjoying working privately with my clients and seeing them uplevel their existing business or transition into their dream business.
The most rewarding part of my job is seeing women entrepreneurs get in their Zone of Genius and create more happiness in their business and at home too.
I find that when a woman is thriving in her business...she always feels better at home too.
When she is fulfilled and relaxed...guess what happens? Everybody else feels it too.

Writing my first book is a beautiful adventure and I am speaking to a lot of mums in business for my research.

Later this year, I will be travelling to Morocco, Togo and Los Angeles. Loads to look forward to!
I am also preparing the launch of a gorgeous new programme which will be launched in Autumn.

As we are entering the second half of 2017, I want to invite you to get clear on your desires for your Business and Life.

How do you want to feel in your business this year?
How do you want to feel at home?
What would make the second half of 2017 extraordinary for you?

The most loving thing you could ever do for yourself is to go for your dreams.
When you give yourself permission to live by your desires...your world completely transforms.
The magic unfolds before your eyes.
Opportunities and clients start coming your way...magically...just because you showed up for your Best Life.

To feeling good!

From my heart to yours.

Nancy Florence

Nancy Florence