Are you getting in the way of your Success?

If the answer is yes, I know where you are at.

When I first set up my private practice, I held a lot of limiting beliefs about myself.

I was too young, too goofy, too dark, too much of an accent etc.

I was super self- critical and not owning the space at all.

Do you feel like that too? I call it the 'Poisoned Parrot'. It's the critical voice in your head that puts you down and tells you off all the time.

It says you are not good enough. It says: "Who are you to be a xxxx?"

Now as you start your business and become successful, that voice is not going to go away.

However, as you learn to become your own best friend and talk to yourself in a compassionate way (the way you talk to your best friend), the less power the Poisoned Parrot will have over you.

You need to decide who is the boss of your life: the Poisoned Parrot or YOU?

It turns out I have had hundreds of private clients over the years. And none of them seemed to have an issue with my age, intelligence, my accent or my ethnicity.

I attracted people who resonated with me and my message and I was the perfect coach for them.

So when you hear the Poisoned Parrot trying to stop you from selling your offering to the world, tell him where to go.

What your Poisoned Parrot is not true. It comes from fear.

So reassure him that your desire is a sign of untapped power and that you have all the resources in you to make your vision a reality.

With all my love.

Nancy Florence x

Nancy Ajavon