Dear woman, sister, friend,

I'd love to share with you what I achieved yesterday. 

Since I started desire mapping, I became clear on wanting to take my therapy practice to the next level and I started to explore the possibility of working on one of the most prestigious streets in the world for medical care: Harley Street.

My intention was to build on the beautiful practice I had already created in Hertfordshire and East London to create a small practice in central London. It takes a lot of confidence to work on that street and I had to remind myself of my Core Desired Feelings to muster the courage to apply for a job there.

My interview was yesterday. With one of the most renowned psychiatrist in town. Gorgeous building. Brown leather sofa. Vast waiting rooms. Impressive. 

On my way to the interview, I was listening to the audio version of the Desire Map. It made me feel great. I also reminded myself all morning of one of my Core Desired Feelings which is STAR. 

I knew I wanted to radiate. My intention for this meeting was to show up completely and really step into my Star energy. Black and white skirt. Chanel perfume. Red lipstick. I felt equipped, feminine, capable and classy.

I got the job. Or rather I was "awarded the privilege of working on 96th Harley street".

I am completely over the moon. I feel blessed.

And the reason I'm sharing this with you is to show you the Desire Map in action and the power of your Core Desired Feelings.

Once you become clear on what you want to feel, you become unstoppable. Today I shone like there was no tomorrow. I showed up as my true self and got rewarded for being myself. I did not say much if I'm honest. But I felt good. And guess what? When you feel good, you make others feel good too and the universe reflects your light back to you.

Whether you are looking for a new job or you just want to expand your comfort zone, the Desire Map can be your secret weapon.

Best, always.

Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon