What a gorgeous Sunday Morning here in London...
I love a good Sunday Morning vibe...the smell of fresh coffee and the promise of another beautiful sunny day...delicious.

As a Psychotherapist, I have supported hundreds of women over the years with feelings of stress and anxiety.
It's an emotion that affects ALL of us...particularly women.

Do you ever feel like you can't really enjoy the present moment because you're constantly worried about the future?

Allow me to clarify why women worry so much...and in particular...why Busy Mums worry so much:

1 - We are biologically wired to be vigilant (sometimes hypervigilant) to ensure the survival of our young. 
Going back to when we were cave men and women, our husbands would go out and hunt, and we would be in charge of ensuring everyone's survival in their absence.
Constantly scanning the environment for potential danger and looking after everyone's needs.
In this case, vigilance is a great survival mechanism and one that all mums need to possess in order have a conversation with a neighbour whilst the kids are out playing in the garden!

2 - The roles in society have evolved in such a way that we are now required to hold a job or run a business AND maintain a happy home.
This is a new challenge for womankind and one that causes a lot of stress indeed.
Having a high-level Career and raising kids at the same time is a new skill we are developing as Modern Mums.

3 - The internal reason for anxiety and...the most important one in my opinion...is a lack of self-trust.
Meaning if you don't trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way, you'll feel stressed...a lot!
Whereas if you work on your mindset everyday (meditate, read, exercise) and you practice truly believing in yourself and your ability to deal with anything that comes your way...you'll be 100 times more relaxed.

The reason I support women with stress and anxiety is because I used to be chronically anxious myself.
I even suffered from panic attacks for some time before I sought help and learned how to manage my emotions.

Havinginvested in my personal development for nearly 10 years now, I know that it's possible to live a joyful life.
Now I am able to run a business that I love and do a good job at home too, without getting into overwork mode or overwhelm.

I know how to look after myself...and I want the same for you too...

Nancy Ajavon