Running a Business or holding a high-level job + running a busy home is NOT for the faint-hearted.

It's so easy to drown in the sea of tasks and responsibilities that come with being a Career Mum.

So here are 3 reasons all working mums need a coach:

1 - To fulfill their dreams
The reason you have a business or a high-level job is because you have big dreams. 
There is a certain lifestyle you aspire to and experiences you'd like to share with your family.
You also have super personal dreams that you are embarrassed to even say out loud because they seem impossible to you right now.

That's what coaching is for. For making the impossible happen.

For example, since I hired a coach for the first time a few years ago, 
I've been able to create a thriving global business and travel the world with my family in a way that I never thought was possible for me.
The reason I personally invested over £20K in private coaching last year is because coaching makes big dreams become a reality.

When you have someone in your corner taking a stand for you and your vision, true magic happens.

You become able to do things you thought were impossible for you to do.

2 - To become the woman you want to be
I empower women all over the world to live by their desires v/s their perceived 'obligations'.
We bust through limiting beliefs in order for them to feel like their most confident self.

I invite you to unleash your inner Beyonce!

I also check in that they are in the right business or job to make sure that their career is completely aligned with who they are authentically.
When you give yourself permission to be precisely you...your whole world changes.
You don't work hard to be liked or seek other people's approval anymore.

3 - To be better mums
There are powerful Time-management and Business strategies that will help you spend more quality time with your kids.
Coaching will help you work smarter not harder which means you'll be more relaxed.
I empower mums to release the guilt they carry around.
Which means that instead of feeling guilty when they are with their kids, they start enjoying motherhood again.

Coaching is life-transforming.

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Nancy Ajavon