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Grow your Business without the Stress

Most of the women entrepreneurs I have worked with over the years have 1 thing in common…


Their fear takes various forms. It comes and goes in various shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it’s a little self-doubt.

Sometimes they are terrified to take the next step.

They call it Analysis Paralysis, Procrastination, Lack of Confidence, Unworthiness…and the list goes on…

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I have identified FEAR as the number 1 mindset block that gets in the way of women thriving and prospering in their business.


I have seen women operate from a state of fear on a daily basis.

They kept themselves small and charged small fees for fear of offending people with their real prices.

They hid all day long behind work that wasn’t the real work...the real work that would boost their income and their client base.


They decided to make their desires a non-negotiable.

They made the calls they needed to make.

Fired the people that needed to be fired.

Said the numbers they needed to propose.

Took the actions that had them smash and exceed their income goals.✨❤️

All of this was made possible by them.

And Coaching.✨


Coaching is a huge force behind my own company and that of my clients.

My own coaches support me at the highest level to create Prosperity from a state of Relaxed Creativity.

Fear is no longer a factor in my life or my business and I’ve come a long way from my days of anxiety and overwhelm.🌻


I want the same for you❤️

If you’d like to continue to grow your business without the Stress, I invite you to Become Fearless.⚡️

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Become Fearless is a 6-month Coaching Programme for 12 Women in Business worldwide.

You will undertake a profound transformation of how you see the world and how you experience life. By the end of our time together, you will feel a lot more relaxed in your business and you’ll have a lot more space in your life.🌟

You’ll learn how to:

  • Dissolve your Money Fears forever

  • Create Clients and Income from a place of Service and Ease

  • Use your calendar professionally so that you are no longer busy and overwhelmed

  • Take Bold Actions that will foster the results you truly desire in your business

  • Focus on High-Return Activities 

  • Slow down your entire way of being


I created this programme for you to receive the support and encouragement you need to create your desired business outcomes.

You’ll also have a wonderful opportunity to overcome your addiction to Productivity and Speed which will open new doors for you.✨💫

Running a business (and, in my case, raising a young family) does not have to be an uphill struggle.

With the right support and a relentless commitment to your desires, you WILL get to a place of Ease and Flow in your life.💫

What does it mean to Become Fearless?

You will still be human…so you will still be scared at times.

However, your relationship with Fear itself will be transformed.

Instead of seeing it as an obstacle you will become increasingly comfortable with your fear.

You will become able to create things you’ve never done before.

You will build relationships with people you feel intimidated by currently.👯‍♀️

Your fearless mindset will take you places you’ve never been.

This is when Life becomes an Adventure.💫


How the programme works:

We’re going to play the Service Game for 6 months together.

The Service Game will have you turn your business into a fun game.

You’ll create new ways of serving your clients and your prospects in order to make a real difference in people’s lives whilst increasing your bank balance.


The programme includes:

  • 6 months of coaching from July until December 2019

  • 12 group coaching sessions (2-hour long every other Saturday from 10:30AM to 12:30pm BST )

  • 2 Clarity Chairs where you will receive 30 minutes of laser-coaching as part of the group call

  • Email Q&A for the duration of the programme

  • Access to my online library of resources, trainings and book recommendations

Your investment: £3600 payable in full, in advance.

Payment Plan Option: £600 per month

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I look forward to sharing with you everything I’ve learned on my journey from Anxious Poverty to Fearless Prosperity.

Requirements to Participate in the Programme:

You have an actual business that generates income, not a hobby or a business idea

You want to serve people as a way of growing your business

You are prepared to make arrangements to show up on all group calls 

5 Reasons to invest in this programme:

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If you are interested in BECOMING FEARLESS, email me at:


I look forward to seeing you fully expressed and ready to take the world by storm.

From my heart, to yours.

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Nancy, you have been a true and wonderful gift in my life. I am so blown away by you, your resilience, your power, your smarts and your generosity. You have given so much to me and it has been so incredibly amazing. Thank you so, so very much!
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Nancy is a wonderful human being! With her help and guidance, faith in me and my ability, I have faced my fears and come through the other end.

Nancy has helped me transform my life from what it was, to achieving things I hadn’t’t even dare dream was possible. If you know deep down that you are nit living your dream life, let Nancy help you! My journey is ongoing although I am confident that with Nancy helping me, I will get there!

Life is too short to just settle, we all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves. I am a Queen who is safe and on top of the world living a life full of adventure and I’m as free as a bird! Thanks Nancy
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I’ve been to Tony Robbins events and walked on fire but nobody has changed my life like you have. Many coaches have contributed to my life and my growth in many ways but I’ve never given anyone credit for changing my life, you have actually changed my life.
— MICHELLE, Beauty and personal development entrepreneur at
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Coaching for me has been transformational. It’s not what you may think.

Coaching isn’t hiring someone and hoping they will change your life for you or to come in and save you, for me, private coaching has helped me take massive personal responsibility and be accountable to my dreams.

Nancy has held space for me to do exactly that. Nancy continually reminds me of my dreams, offers support in navigating them from brainstorming to strategic client creation planning and guiding me emotionally when resistance surfaces.