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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Hear from my lovely clients through personal videos and written testimonials

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Nancy is a rare combination of a discerning mind with razor sharp qualities and a soft gentle and open heart that can hold a sacred and loving space. Like a surgeon, Nancy Effortlessly finds The areas of one’s life that are not working And like a family doctor she builds the trust and long-term relatedness necessary for the healing of one’s soul. It’s a honour and privilege to be helped by Nancy and everyone who gets to be in her presence is blessed by who She is.


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I’ve been to Tony Robbins events and walked on fire but nobody has changed my life like you have. Many coaches have contributed to my life and my growth in many ways but I’ve never given anyone credit for changing my life, you have actually changed my life. 

I am blown away by the work we have done together and it will stay with me forever, you will stay with me forever. I thank you everyday and will continue to thank you for the rest of of my life. 

- Michelle Margaret Marques, Founder of Elise Marques & Beauty Business Consultant 

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Private coaching for me has been transformational. It’s not what you may think. Coaching isn’t hiring someone and hoping they will change your life for you or to come in and save you, for me, private coaching has helped me take massive personal responsibility and be accountable to my dreams.

Nancy has held space for me to do exactly that. She continually reminds me of my dreams, offers support in navigating them from brainstorming to strategic client creation planning and guiding me  emotionally when resistance surfaces. The biggest perk of private coaching V group is accountability, it gives little room for excuse making or back peddling which is a beautiful thing and very freeing. I am finally in business for real, without the drama, that’s the best way I can describe the impact of personalised private coaching. It’s helped me massively and after 2 years of ‘playing’ business, since hiring Nancy I have commited 100% and have felt ease.

As for her personality, she is so wonderfully non judgemental, assertive, creative and my one day intensive was so excellently prepared and powerful I felt inspired to do them in my own business! She is a ray of sunshine and will help you transform your life if you allow her and allow yourself. 

Nancy truly is incredible! Her generous heart and unique ability to get right to the heart of the business (and life). In my case, it was all the things that were truly keeping me stuck and playing small. We all know, it’s the life stuff that really gets in the way the most and Nancy coaching style really encourages you to dig deep and what an asset that has been for me. Since Nancy came into my life here’s 3 major changes:

1) I created my first HIGH-END client (I never believed I could do this and am still blow away) this has changed my business and the way I am generally in the world. It’s broken past all my old money blockages and I continue to grow

2) I was able to finally get clarity around what I am truly passionate about

3) I created packages that make sense and will give me the freedom to scale up and live a life on my own terms!

I cannot recommend her work highly enough, she gets right to the issues and your true desires and delivers this in a loving, helpful and empowering way. What I love most about working with Nancy is how quickly I’m able to get clear and make decisions which is really important in business. I can’t wait to continue working with her!

- Nadia, Owner at Self Lover Supper Club


“Working with Nancy is Pure Gold”


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Nancy you’re magic works!!! After your words and powerful coaching I just made £5000 in 24h! Money in the back 😎🤘🏼 Your belief in me + empowering insights helped me move mountains ❤️🙌🏼 Thank you so much 💕


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For a very long time, I have been trying to deny what was pulling me back, not allowing me to enjoy what I have. Constant worry and anxiety was part of my day. I have a great life and I know that it will be even better. However, I have been trying so hard to convince myself and others that what happened to me when I was a child was history, that I forgot myself.

Nancy has helped me to realise that. I now know that I was focusing on the wrong aspects of my life. Thanks to Nancy I now know what aspect of myself needs more love. Only three days later, I already feel amazing. So, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you, Nancy. You have really helped me. You have made the difference and given me the tools to move forward and keep building the life of my dreams. THANK YOU!

- Mashi, Creative mother of 2

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Nancy is a wonderful human being! With her help and guidance, faith in me and my ability, I have faced my fears and come through the other end.

Nancy has helped me transform my life from what it was, to achieving things I hadn’t’t even dare dream was possible. If you know deep down that you are nit living your dream life, let Nancy help you! My journey is ongoing although I am confident that with Nancy helping me, I will get there!

Life is too short to just settle, we all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves. I am a Queen who is safe and on top of the world living a life full of adventure and I’m as free as a bird! Thanks Nancy

- ANgella BERAREY, THE JAMAICA HOliday planner,


“Nancy, Everything you touch turns to gold”



You are the Queen of superstars and an awesome light bearer for your tribe and all women who care so hugely about their place in the world and their mission during their time here. And from the moment I met you last year at the desire map workshop, I knew you were a very rare and beautiful being. I’m so grateful to know you and to have the opportunity to have inspiring moments every day shared by you.

Thank you big time dear Nancy. Keep shining your light.

- Trina Keane, Business Owner, Desire Map facilitator & Founder of the Menopower Coaching Mother

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Dear ladies, I wanted to share something with all of you. This weekend I achieved one of my dreams, ticked off one of those bucket list items..all thanks to the amazing Nancy Florence.

Through Nancy’s coaching I have discovered what my desires are and more importantly I have learnt that I can achieve all of these!! Two years ago I could never have imagined that I would be in this place! On Saturday I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a patisserie Paris!! I had the most fabulous time, I feel inspired, alive and electric!!

Thank you so so much Nancy for helping me to achieve my dreams. If you have not worked with Nancy yet, I strongly encourage you to make the leap and do it!!!

- Niamh, mother of 3 & Finance Adviser

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So I meditated yesterday for 2 hours and connected my body back with my conscience. Oh my God! Where have I really been for the last 10 yrs! This morning I put on the link you gave me and done some more meditating and gave thanks. I was dancing and standing like a lioness and commanded positive vibes. Believe me my patience got tested all day today at Soft Play. However, my voice in my head was talking only on a positive note and voila I had a “fucking glorious” day! Then I came home to a bouquet of flowers. I’m in love with myself all over again.

Nancy! I love u. Your vibrations have infected me and I can’t get enough. Can’t wait to see u again soon. Xx

- Lioness Gwen, Business Owner


Hi Nancy, I loved the energy and your ray of light, the evening and the workbook, you resonate with me and it’s great to be around people who are open to growth, truth and openness. You helped me realise that I am a careers coach and mentor, but still thinking of the wording, so thank you for allowing me not to hide.


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Nancy came along just at the right time! I was really low with only one low paying client and was ready to go back to a day job. With her positive aura and go for it vibe she patiently got me back on track. I am now working with my dream client and have a new fierce attitude. I feel unstoppable!

- Vanessa Carlos, Owner at Mr + Mrs Digital

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Have you ever received a smile that changes your day for the better? If you ever wanted someone to really listen to you, to be connected with, someone who genuinely understands you and what you are going through, then do yourself a favour, book a session with Nancy Florence, I promise you, you will not regret it!

Since working with Nancy, I:

  • Connected with my inner child, making sure I take care of myself.

  • Strengthened my marriage, because I worked on connecting myself with the Queen that I am.

  • Booked more sessions.

  • Built my confidence where I felt ok about increasing my price and sold my smaller programs at that new price.

  • Sold my first 90 days program.

  • Celebrated my first 4k month -Hosted 2 successful live events.

  • I discovered much more about myself, because this program is not just about focusing on creating or growing your business. That will never happen if you don’t “create” the best version of yourself and “grow”.

- Jessica Applewhaite, Life coach at, Mother

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My name is Niamh and I am a mum to three wonderful children. If you are reading this then you are considering working with the amazing Nancy Florence. I cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of Nancy’s skills, advice and coaching.

In addition to being a Mum, I work full time in the Finance sector. I miraculously discovered Nancy over a year ago, when my life had hit crisis level. I was struggling to juggle life at home after the birth of my twins (they are now 4 and I have a 9 yr old son too), struggling with the guilt of being a full time working mum and was at breaking point in my marriage. I was on medication for post-natal depression and just needed help to find my way out from the hole I was in. Initially I thought I needed help with my marriage but actually it was me who needed help and some TLC. I had lost all confidence in myself and was bitterly unhappy.

What started as a therapy session with Nancy has developed, over time, into a life coaching process and journey. I have always (well almost always!) considered myself a pretty good mum, but I was not enjoying it and had lost all self-identity. I felt I was living a life that was not mine, pretending to be a grown up and putting on a great front of being able to cope with it all. I constantly gave myself a hard time about not being good enough and not being like those other mums in the school play-ground (you know they ones I mean!). Nancy has helped me to draw open the curtains on my life and to completely reassess what matters to me. Through her fabulous coaching methods I have taken a big step back from the routines, the day to day production line and have asked the big questions of “what do I want”, “how do I want to feel” and this has been a massive revelation for me! Nancy has taken me on a journey through some difficult questions and decisions; she has introduced me to amazing concepts and has shown me the possibilities that are available to me.

It has not been an easy process. I have struggled with the guilt of taking this time just for myself, struggled with the worry of what people will think of me and constantly questioned how I could possibly live my life just how I wanted it. But I promise you it is possible. It is possible to be a mum and still work; it is ok to indulge in yourself for the benefit of your entire family; it is ok to feel crap sometimes and to not want to put on a brave face; it is ok to prefer being in the office some days to have a break from your children; it is possible to have everything that you desire!

I cannot emphasise enough how much Nancy has helped me to turn my life around. Ok, my marriage is still not perfect but I have come to the understanding that a) no marriage is perfect and b) it’s not all my fault anymore! I now appreciate what I have so much more, appreciate the time with my children so much more. I understand that the time and money I spend on this coaching benefits my children through them now having a present, available and fun mum. I take pride in the fact that I am a successful working mum who is setting some great examples for her children. I have started to dream big and to realise that I deserve and can achieve more. My dreams are starting to become reality and I feel empowered! I am still on this epic journey but I feel so grateful that I have Nancy by my side to help me and guide me. Nancy is so easy to open up to, understanding, honest and real, which I appreciate. She has honestly been my shining light over the last few months. Please take that leap of faith, invest in yourself and start on that road of discovery with Nancy Florence.

Much love, Niamh x

- Niamh, mother of 3, Finance Adviser

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Dear Nancy, Thank You is such a small word to express truly what I feel. It’s great working with you. I have experienced a paradigm shift and I love it.

- Hima Bindu, Personal Assistant to Nancy Florence

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Best decision I’ve made in a long time

I have had the BEST day in a long long time and feel really ALIVE! The Law of Attraction is something I’m now experiencing for the 1st time. In the short space of 2 weeks I manifested 7 new clients and 6 commissions! I have also secured a place in a local art exhibition. The result is I’m really feeling high and unstoppable. I’m suddenly full of hope and encouragement to all of you like me, who can be held back by such self doubt. I’m now grabbing daily doses of Nancy’s high vibe videos and posts. It’s working. It’s really working. Thank you Nancy. You are a star. Much Love X



When I began working with Nancy, I was suffering with work related stress. My teaching career was on a downward spiral, in fact I was so confused that I was going to leave the profession! Four months later I have a new job, a bright future and the confidence and self-belief that I never believed was possible. The sessions that I attended have completely changed my life! Nancy not only listened to my concerns, but helped me to look deep inside myself to find solutions.

Therapy is a wonderful thing and Nancy is a wonderful person. Thanks for everything.



I approached Nancy to help me tackle my feelings of Claustrophobia especially in transport situations. I had a Holiday of a lifetime planned and did not want to miss out on any trips or experiences like I had in the past. It helped to unload all of my feelings and what I had been going though in a safe confidential environment. Nancy helped me to make sense of it and also uncovered where the likely source of it came from. By changing my thoughts and practising, visualisation and breathing techniques I was able to manage my fear and went on 6 Coach trips which really made my planned holiday one of the best ever. The sessions I had with Nancy also helped me make other positive changes in my life:

1. Not letting the past hold me back

2. Stop beating myself up

3. Not feeling so guilty

4. Having the right to be happy

5. Focusing on what I want rather than what I don’t want

6. Reframing my language into positive self talk.

It has been life changing.



Before I met Nancy I was lost. I was lacking confidence and had no drive. I was nervous about doing things and was finding it increasingly easier to hide away where I felt safe. Tasks that had been so easy for me previously were now so difficult. I had so many varying thoughts in my head, I was constantly questioning what was wrong with me and could see no way out of this lifestyle I had fell into. When I met Nancy we started to explore the things that have affected me, what impact they’ve had and why they had affected me. Nancy turned my life around. She helped me to realise I was not alone in the way I was feeling but most importantly that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to start living again. Today I feel so much more positive about life and what the future holds. I know that I can now cope with life and what it throws my way



When I started seeing Nancy I found it hard to talk without crying. I felt worthless and had absolutely no confidence. The therapy sessions that I had with Nancy made me realise that my feelings are important and my views should and do count. I grew as a person and my confidence grew with me. I look back on those sessions with pride as they were very hard for me. I had to explore feelings that I really didn’t even know I had. Nancy taught me about me, she made me look at myself and believe in myself. My time with Nancy was invaluable and I am very grateful. Therapy is something that is so healthy and productive - it is good to get your thoughts out there and explore your feelings, whatever they may be. As Nancy said in our last session - Carpe Diem.”



I went for therapy at a very different period in my life I had split up with my husband of 20 years which was not my choice, was going through an unpleasant divorce, my mum died after a short period of illness. Also I had to move job as I worked for my father-in-law and needed to move home too! All of which was extremely stressful, unsettling, I felt I was not coping very well and was trying to be a good mum to my two children also! Did not want to take any medication/anti depressant so I asked for counselling at my local doctors! Nancy was wonderful, she has a fantastic approach, she listened each week to all my worries, problems! She possesses great empathy! After a short period of time seeing her she made me feel much more confident in myself and my ability to cope with the difficulties I was faced with! Also I was not wrong to feel the way I did as most other people would struggle having so many life changing things happen to them all at once!

I still think about some of the things she said when I am finding things a little hard now!”



If you are interested in coaching, send me a private message now.